Here are a few common questions related to technical issues. If you can't find the answer here please contact our support for help.

Can I download films and exercises from the website to my computer or mobile phone?

With regards to copyright reasons it's not possible to download films to your computer or mobile phone.

Why can't I see films and other content on the website?

We've chosen a film format to suit most new computers, mobile phones and tablets with iOS, Android etc. If you are experiencing issues you might have to update your web browser. Here are links to the latest versions of some of the most common web browsers: 

- Download Google Chrome
- Download Firefox 
- Download Microsoft Edge 

Why does the films buffer while playing?

Buffering problems is often related to the speed of the network. We recommend that your connection reach at least 1.5 MB/sec while downloading. A lower speed can cause interruptions while watching the films. In that case you may try to disconnect other devices that share the same network.