Match-fixing is one of the biggest threats to Swedish sports. It goes against the fundamental values ​​of fair play in Swedish sports. If sports competitions or parts of sports competitions are manipulated, then sports will no longer be interesting to watch or participate in.

The Swedish Sports Confederation's work against match-fixing is part of the partnership with Svenska Spel, which has contributed to making this education possible.

This educational tool aims to provide athletes, coaches, officials and others in sports with a good knowledge of match-fixing and its associated problems such as illegal sports betting and problem gambling.

About the course

The education consists of different sections which in turn contain a number of tasks with texts, film and images. Mark each task as finished when you have read the content and feel that you understand it. Feel free to save the training as a bookmark in your browser so you can easily find your way back next time. The final task in each section is a mandatory test. It consists of 5-10 questions. To complete the training, you must have answered the questions correctly.

You complete the training at your own pace. You can do one section at a time and continue another time. Your progress will be saved automatically. However, it is important that you are aware of what applies to your particular sport, as each sport may have views on when the training should be completed.

It is entirely up to you where you complete the training. You may use a computer or a tablet/mobile.

When you have completed all the tasks, you are approved for the education and your Specialidrottsförbund can see the results in Idrott Online.


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